Vans Brigata Lite Shoe Sale
Vans Brigata Lite Shoe Sale
Vans Brigata Lite Shoe Sale
Vans Brigata Lite Shoe Sale
Vans Brigata Lite Shoe Sale
Vans Brigata Lite Shoe Sale
Vans Brigata Lite Shoe Sale
Vans Brigata Lite Shoe Sale

Vans Brigata Lite Shoe Sale



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Vans Brigata Lite Shoe Sale

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Vans Brigata Lite Shoe Sale




Vans Brigata Lite ,Shoe Sale


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    Unfortunately, business casual dress days shouldn't include shorts, tanks or T-shirts or ever popular tank bras. Your staff isn't going boating, hiking or to an amusement park, so you have to be realistic when designing a policy for casual dress.

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    Finally, be sure to include a statement with your employee handbook in regards to the policy and include the entire written policy within your new hire materials.

    Armour, Stephanie (USA Today Online) 'Business Casual Causes Confusion' retrieved at

    Citadel dress policy retrieved at

    Image Credits:

    Ed Yourdon/Wikimedia Commons

    Extremusica/Wikimedia Commons

    Julie70/Wikimedia Commons

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